4Small enough to Care – Big enough to Cope

One of the main objectives and principals of our aim, is to be always available day and night; and that no matter what the request, nothing is too much trouble.

Our service runs 24/7 continuously and has dealt with families and funeral arrangements from all over the globe, including repatriations from european countries, the West Indies and even Australia and New Zealand.

Our facility and knowledge enables us to be able to cope with arrangements on a personal level to anywhere in the world without the use of an outside contractor.

Closer to home, our service and commitment to families we serve remains at the highest level and proud to acknowledge the dedication of the staff both full and part time shown at all times.

Over the years, we have been asked by many to personalise their loved ones wishes from New Orleans Jazz Bands, Pink Hearses, themed funerals in full tartan attire and Blues Brothers to name but two, horses and carriages and even a bespoke speciality casket in the shape of a guitar. In an ever changing view of our expression to say farewell to a loved one, it is important to get it right. Whatever your wishes; traditional or otherwise, and no matter how unusual it might seem, if it is possible – we will deliver.